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2014 Aug-Dec and 2015 
NSCA Shoot Dates are BLACK; Unregistered events dates are RED

1 - 31
Windwalker Midland Monthly Targets NSCA
08/01/14 Capitol City Austin Lions Club Shoot INFO Unreg
08/02/14 Fossil Pointe Slidell Registered Shoot INFO NSCA
08/02/14 1 in 100 Beaumont On Fire Targets afterwords NSCA
08/02/14 Westside Houston Margaritaville afterwords NSCA
08/02/14 Dos Amigos Abernathy End of Summer Shoot NSCA
08/09/14 Rio Brazos Simonton  Gulf Coast Championship INFO NSCA
08/09/14 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo Summer Heat INFO NSCA
San Angelo San Angelo 2014 Claybird Cup NSCA
08/09/14 Abilene Abilene Home Builders Charity Shoot UNREG
08/09/14 Fossil Pointe Slidell N. TX Fund Shoot Benefit INFO UNREG
08/10/14 Clay Mound Liberty Southern Discomfort  afterwords NSCA
Camp Don Harrington Amarillo 12th Annual Boy Scouts Shoot INFO UNREG
08/16/14 Gunsmoke Snook Hotter than Hell forum post NSCA
Windwalker Midland Blazing Targets
Briley Sub Gauge Points Race
INFO  forum post
08/16/14 Abilene Abilene Bryce Kennedy Memorial Shoot UNREG
08/16/14 1 in 100 Beaumont SERTOMA Shoot 66 INFO UNREG
08/16/14 Westside Houston Hunt With Heart INFO UNREG
08/17/14 Greater Houston Houston Grand Slam INFO NSCA
08/17/14 National Shooting Complex San Antonio August Open
Registered targets, no awards
08/17/14 Crawford Party House at Guyco Lampasas Metroplex Health System Foundation UNREG
08/17/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston Clays For a Cure INFO UNREG
08/22/14 Westside Houston Operation Game Thief INFO UNREG
08/22/14 Windwalker Midland Pullin' Through for Janie Belew INFO UNREG
08/22/14 Choctaw Preserve Denison Bells SBY Shootout INFO UNREG
08/23/14 Conroe Shooting Center Conroe Summer Clays INFO NSCA
Caney Creek Teague  Texas 2 Day & Briley Sub Gauge afterwords NSCA
08/23/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Break a Clay with MDA UNREG
08/23/14 Abilene Abilene Meals on Wheels UNREG
08/24/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston Darting Doves 2014 INFO NSCA
08/24/14 Midland Shooters Midland Summer Heat Clays INFO NSCA
08/24/14 Hill Country Kerrville  Dog Days NSCA
08/24/14 Boswell-Porter Range Snook Texas A&M Trap & Skeet Club Fundraiser INFO UNREG
08/30/14 Able Ammo Huntsville Carlisle/Beretta Open afterwords NSCA
08/30/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Lake Area Hospice Shoot Unreg
08/30/14 Llano Co. Clay Busters Llano Kyle Hohmann Memorial INFO Unreg
08/30/14 Alpine Shooting Range Fort Worth Shooting Stars/Creative Arts Theater CANCELLED Unreg
08/31/14       NSCA
SEPT 2014


American Shooting Ctr Houston Klays for K9's INFO Unreg
09/06/14 Dos Amigos Abernathy Fall into Clays NSCA
09/06/14 Caney Creek Teague  Margarita Open afterwords NSCA
09/06/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Guns and Hoses afterwords Unreg
09/07/14 Rio Brazos Simonton  Hunters Clays INFO forum post NSCA
09/07/14 Capitol City Austin Bill Hughes Memorial INFO forum post NSCA
09/07/14 Ellis Co Sportsman's Waxahachie Dove Opener Shoot NSCA
09/08/14 Greater Houston Houston Cornerstone Recovery 2nd Annual Classic Unreg
09/11/14 Jakes Clays Midland W. Texas-Permian Basin Memorial INFO Unreg
09/13/14 Clay Mound Liberty Gator Bait afterwords NSCA
09/13/14 Lonestar Glen Rose  Falls A Comin NSCA
09/13/14 So.TX Shooting CANCELED Laredo 16 de Septiembre & Club Champion Shoot NSCA
09/13/14 San Angelo San Angelo 16th Annual Boy Scout Shootout INFO Unreg
09/14/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston Texas State Warm Up INFO NSCA
09/14/14 Elm Fork Dallas Dove Classic INFO NSCA
09/14/14 Windwalker Midland Twistin' Clays INFO NSCA
09/14/14 Hill Country Kerrville  Hot Open CANCELLED NSCA
Fossil Pointe Slidell TX State Championships INFO NSCA
1 in 100 Beaumont Gil & Vicki Ash Lessons INFO Unreg
09/20/14 Choctaw Preserve Denison Monthly Fun Shoot INFO forum post Unreg
09/20/14 Clay Mound Liberty Shoot For Sight INFO Unreg
09/20/14 River Breaks Ranch Amarillo Turn Center Shoot INFO Unreg
09/25/14 Elm Fork Dallas 2014 Wild West Shootout INFO Unreg
09/26/14 Alpine Fort Worth All Star Equestrian Shoot Unreg
09/27/14 Elm Fork Dallas CANCELED NSCA
09/27/14 Conroe Shooting Center Conroe Fall Clays INFO NSCA
09/27/14 Tournament Targets, Inc Moore Registered Shoot NSCA
09/27/14 Midland Shooters Midland Indian Summer Clays INFO NSCA
09/27/14 Lonestar Glen Rose  Aiming for Friendship INFO forum post Unreg
09/28/14 San Angelo San Angelo Registered Shoot NSCA
09/28/14 Pines Lufkin Rooter Revenge INFO NSCA
09/29/14 Greater Houston Houston AIM Adoptions INFO Unreg
OCT 2014
 Fort Chadbourne Bronte Blast From the Past INFO Unreg
10/03/14 Conroe Shooting Center Conroe 2014 Shoot Out INFO Unreg
10/03/14 Alpine Shooting Range Fort Worth Jon Henderson Memorial Classic/ Reel Recovery INFO Unreg
10/04/14 National Shooting Complex San Antonio  Last Chance Sporting NSCA
10/04/14 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Caesar Guerini Open INFO NSCA
10/04/14 Gunsmoke Snook cancelled NSCA
10/04/14 Windwalker Midland 5th Annual Black Gold Classic INFO NSCA
10/04/14 So. TX Shooting Complex Laredo 2nd Annual AIA Laredo Shoot n' Cook INFO NSCA
10/04/14 Greater Houston Houston Grand Prix INFO forum post NSCA
10/04/14 One in 100 Lumberton Shootin For A Miracle INFO Unreg
10/04/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston OATH Sporting INFO forum post Unreg
10/04/14 Alpine Shooting Range Fort Worth Our Father's Children Shoot INFO Unreg
10/04/14 Elm Fork Dallas TX State Rifle Assoc Foundation INFO forum post Unreg
10/04/14 Fossil Pointe Decatur Just Shoot It INFO Unreg
10/04/14 Clay Mound Liberty Shooting for Scholarships INFO Unreg
10/04/14 Barbers Hill Youth Club Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill Fundraiser forum post Unreg
10/04/14 6S Ranch Lindale Missions Impossible forum post Unreg
10/05/14 Rose City Tyler Clay Busters INFO NSCA
10/05/14 Windwalker Midland Black Gold Classic NSCA
10/05/14 Hill Country Kerrville  National Warmup NSCA
10/09/14 Alpine Shooting Fort Worth Mansfield Chamber of Commerce INFO Unreg
10/10/14 National Shooting Complex San Antonio  Operation Game Thief Unreg
Tournament Targets, Inc Tilden Registered Shoot NSCA
10/11/14 Lonestar Glen Rose  Harvest Moon Open INFO NSCA
10/11/14 Able Ammo Huntsville cancelled NSCA
10/11/14 Fossil Pointe Decatur Denton Comm Health Clinic Benefit INFO Unreg
10/11/14 Fossil Pointe Decatur Justin Napier/ Cook Children's INFO Unreg
10/11/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston TX Dove Hunters Assoc Pullin' for Kids INFO Unreg
10/11/14 San Angelo San Angelo Scottish Rite Hospital INFO Unreg
10/12/14 Elm Fork Dallas Elm Fork Championship INFO NSCA
10/12/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston Nationals Warm Up INFO NSCA
10/12/14 Abilene Abilene Fall's a Coming/West TX Leadman Challenge INFO NSCA
10/12/14 Capitol City Austin Bobwhite Open INFO NSCA
10/12/14 Midland Shooters Midland Jock-O-Lantern Clays NSCA
10/16/14 Alpine Shooting Range Fort Worth 1st Mansfield Chamber Shoot forum post Unreg
10/18/14 Clay Mound Liberty Road to Nationals  INFO NSCA
10/18/14 Gunsmoke Snook Registered Shoot forum post NSCA
10/18/14 So.TX Shooting Laredo October Shoot NSCA
10/18/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Jr. Achievement Clays for Kids INFO Unreg
10/19/14 Rio Brazos Simonton  Rio Ammo Nationals Warm Up Shoot INFO NSCA
10/19/14 Prairie Gun Club Dallas Fall FITASC INFO forum post NSCA
10/25/14 National Shooting Complex San Antonio  Nationals NSCA
National Shooting Complex San Antonio  Nationals INFO NSCA
10/25/14 National Shooting Complex San Antonio  Nationals INFO NSCA
10/28/14 Circle T Ranch Westlake NW Metroport CoC Classic  INFO Unreg
1in100 Gun Club Lumberton NSCA Level I Instr Cert Class INFO CLASS
NOV 2014
11/01/14 Westside Houston Pope Bentsen Memorial NSCA
11/01/14 Dos Amigos Abernathy Thanksgiving Clays INFO NSCA
11/02/14       NSCA
11/04/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Shootin For a Miracle Unreg
11/08/14 1 in 100 Beaumont The Gobbler NSCA
11/08/14 Clay Mound Liberty TX Chapter's Freedom Shoot  INFO Unreg
11/09/14 Greater Houston Houston Buckle Race Series INFO
Leg #5 20 ga
11/09/14 Windwalker Midland Bustin' Pumpkins INFO NSCA
11/11/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Jr. Achievement Clays for Kids Unreg
11/15/14 Rio Brazos Simonton  Thanks for Giving Clays INFO NSCA
11/16/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston Turkey Bowl NSCA
11/16/14 San Angelo San Angelo  Registered Shoot INFO NSCA
11/17/14 Greater Houston Houston Totally Texas 25th Anniversary Blast INFO Unreg
11/21/14 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Big Hearts Classic INFO Unreg
11/22/14 Conroe Shooting Center Conroe   NSCA
11/22/14 Caney Creek Teague  Shooting Pumpkins INFO NSCA
11/23/14 Abilene Abilene Turkey Day Shoot INFO NSCA
11/23/14 Capitol City Austin Give'm The Bird INFO NSCA
11/29/14 Clay Mound Liberty Pilgrims Revenge NSCA
11/30/14 Midland Shooters Midland Reaching Your Peak Clays NSCA
DEC 2014
12/05/14 Rio Brazos Simonton  Last Blast 2014 INFO Unreg
12/06/14 Pines Lufkin Christmas in the Pines NSCA
12/06/14 Westside Houston Toys for Tots NSCA
12/06/14 Lonestar Glen Rose  Lone Star Christmas NSCA
12/06/14 Dos Amigos Abernathy Holiday Clays INFO NSCA
12/07/14 San Angelo San Angelo   NSCA
12/13/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Club Championships NSCA
12/13/14 Greater Houston Houston Buckle Race Series INFO
Leg #6
12/13/14 Windwalker Midland Holiday Open INFO NSCA
12/14/14 American Shooting Ctr Houston ASC 2014 Club Championship NSCA
12/14/14 Abilene Abilene Jingle Bell Bang INFO NSCA
12/14/14 Midland Shooters Midland Cooling Off Clays NSCA
12/20/14 Clay Mound Liberty Clay Bells NSCA
12/27/14 Conroe Shooting Center Conroe   NSCA
12/28/14 Capitol City Austin Year end Finale INFO NSCA



All events below are NSCA shoots unless indicated otherwise.

01/01/15 1 in 100 Beaumont New Year Shootout
01/03/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
01/03/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Pre-Season Clays
01/03/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
01/04/15 American Houston  
01/10/15 Able Ammo Conroe Cold Hard Clays
01/11/15 Windwalker Midland The Cold One
01/17/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Crazy Mainia's
01/17/15 Claymound Liberty Here We Go Again
01/18/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
01/18/15 San Angelo San Angelo New Year Birds
01/24/15 Greater Houston Houston  
01/24/15 Caney Creek Teague Frosty Hulls
01/24/15 Abilene Abilene Polar Vortex Shoot
01/24/15 National Shooting Complex San Antonio 2nd Annual Schreiner Shootout INFO FORUM
01/25/15 Midland Shooters Midland Snow Bird Clays
01/31/15 Capitol City Austin Promatic Open
02/01/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Superbowl Shoot
02/07/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
02/07/15 Able Ammo Huntsville  
02/07/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
02/08/15 San Angelo San Angelo Clay Lovers
02/14/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Springs A Comin'
02/14/15 Greater Houston Houston  
02/15/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
02/15/15 American Houston  
02/15/15 Windwalker Midland Hearts of Clay
02/21/15 Claymound Liberty Frosty Clays
02/21/15 Rose City Tyler  
02/21/15 Ellis County    
02/21/15 Abilene Abilene Mardi Gras Madness
02/22/15 Midland Shooters Midland Wild Winter Clays
02/22/15 Capitol City Austin Red Apple Open
02/28/15 1 in 100 Beaumont 1 in 100 Blast
Caney Creek Teague Texas Independence
03/01/14 Gun Emporium Conroe Spring Clays
03/07/15 Pines Lufkin  
03/07/15 Choctaw    
03/07/15 Westside Houston GO Texas Shoot Out
03/07/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
03/08/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
03/08/15 Windwalker Midland Clay Madness
03/14/15 Greater Houston Houston  
03/14/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Lone Star Special
Caney Creek Teague American Legion Benefit
03/15/15 Greater Houston Houston  
03/15/15 San Angelo San Angelo Big Windy
03/21/15 1 in 100 Beaumont Spring into Action
03/21/15 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Spring Classic
03/21/15 Able Ammo Huntsville  
03/21/15 Abilene Abilene Getting Lucky: the Green Bird Shoot
03/22/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
03/22/15 American Houston  
03/22/15 Midland Shooters Midland Whistling Wind Clays
03/28/15 Ellis County    
Claymound Liberty Clay Mound Classic
03/29/15 Capitol City Austin South x Southwest
04/03/14 1 in 100 Beaumont Good Friday Frenzy
04/04/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
04/04/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
04/04/15 Gunsmoke Snook  
04/05/15 San Angelo San Angelo Birds of a Different Feather
Caney Creek Teague Browning Briley INFO
04/11/15 Abilene Abilene Windy Days & Breakin' Clays
04/12/15 Caney Creek Teague  
04/12/15 Windwalker Midland Spring Fling
04/18/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Bluebonnet Open
04/18/15 Claymound Liberty Road to State
04/19/15 Midland Shooters Midland Kiss of Spring Clays
04/19/15 Capitol City Austin McBrides Open
National Shooting Complex San Antonio TX State Championships
Caney Creek Teague CenTex Oilmans Benefit
Dallas Gun Club Dallas Homes for Our Troops INFO
05/02/15 Pines Lufkin  
05/02/15 Fossil Decatur  
05/02/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
Westside Houston Ladies Charity Shotgun Event & Couples Fun Shoot
05/03/15 Gun Emporium Conroe May Clays
05/09/15 Caney Creek Teague Angry Birds
05/09/15 Choctaw    
05/09/15 Claymound Liberty May Flyers
05/16/15 1 in 100 Beaumont Beaumont Blast
05/16/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Summers A Comin'
05/17/15 Abilene Abilene Suns Out Guns Out
05/17/15 Midland Shooters Midland Scrappy May Clays
05/23/15 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Big D Open
05/23/15 American Houston  
05/24/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
05/24/15 American Houston  
05/24/15 San Angelo San Angelo Wet Clays
05/25/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
05/30/15 Pines Lufkin  
05/30/15 Ellis County    
05/30/15 Windwalker Midland Let it Fly
05/30/15 Gunsmoke Snook  
05/31/15 Clay Mound Liberty Clay Mound Challenge 1
05/31/15 Capitol City Austin Emerald Open
06/06/15 Able Ammo Huntsville  
06/06/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
06/06/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
06/07/15 Choctaw    
06/07/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Club Championship
Westside Houston The Brister Memorial
06/13/15 1 in 100 Beaumont Smoking Barrels
San Angelo San Angelo The Claybird Cup
06/14/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
06/20/15 Caney Creek Teague Candy Land Shoot
06/20/15 Greater Houston Houston  
06/21/15 American Houston  
06/21/15 Windwalker Midland Fabulous Fathers Day
06/21/15 Capitol City Austin Dickey Loy Memorial
06/27/15 Claymound Liberty Anniversary Blast
Abilene Abilene Firecracker 400
06/28/15 Midland Shooters Midland Headed for Summer Clays
07/04/15 Able Ammo Huntsville Bornaghi Blast
07/04/15 Windwalker Midland Summer Blast
07/04/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
07/05/15 Caney Creek Teague Margarita Open
07/05/15 1 in 100 Beaumont Fireworks after the 4th
07/11/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
07/11/15 Claymound Liberty Hot Clays
07/12/15 American Houston  
07/18/15 Rose City Tyler  
07/18/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Summer Clays
07/19/15 Elmfork Dallas  
07/19/15 Midland Shooters Midland Hot Little Clays
07/19/15 Capitol City Austin Give 'em the Bird
07/25/15 Greater Houston Houston  
07/25/15 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Red Hot Open
07/26/15 San Angelo San Angelo Independence Clay
08/01/15 Westside   Margaritaville
08/01/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
08/01/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
08/02/15 1 in 100 Beaumont On Fire Targets
08/08/15 Claymound Liberty Southern Discomfort
08/09/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Hunting Clays
08/09/15 San Angelo San Angelo Comin' in Hot
08/15/15 Greater Houston Houston  
08/16/15 American Houston  
08/16/15 Windwalker Midland Blazing Targets
Caney Creek Teague Luau Shoot
08/23/15 Midland Shooters Midland Summer Heat Clays
Able Ammo Huntsville Carlisle/Beretta Challenge
09/05/15 Greater Houston Houston  
09/05/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
09/06/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Gulf Coast Championship
09/12/15 Claymound Liberty Gator Bait
09/12/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Falls A Comin'
09/13/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
09/13/15 American Houston  
09/13/15 Abilene Abilene Clays Gone Bye
09/19/15 Rose City Tyler  
09/19/15 Ellis County Waxahachie  
09/19/15 Gunsmoke Snook  
09/20/15 Caney Creek Teague Shooting Pumpkins
09/20/15 Midland Shooters Midland Indian Summer Clays
09/26/15 Pines Lufkin  
09/26/15 Choctaw    
09/26/15 Greater Houston Houston Fall Championships
Windwalker Midland Black Gold Classic
09/27/15 Clay Mound Liberty Clay Mound Challenge 2
09/27/15 San Angelo San Angelo Seasoned Targets
09/27/15 Capitol City Austin Bill Hughes Open
10/03/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
10/03/15 Greater Houston Houston  
10/03/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
10/04/15 Fossil Pointe Decatur  
10/09/15 Tournament Targets   DRH Scholarship Shoot - Tilden
10/10/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Nationals Warmup
10/10/15 Dallas Gun Club Dallas Caesar Guerini Open
10/10/15 Tournament Targets   DRH Scholarship Shoot - Tilden
10/10/15 Abilene Abilene Falls in the Air/W Tx Leadman Championships
10/11/15 Elm Fork Dallas  
10/11/15 American Houston  
10/17/15 Claymound Liberty Road to Nationals
10/17/15 Windwalker Midland Twisting Clays
10/18/15 Capitol City Austin Bob White Open
10/25/15 Midland Shooters Midland Jack-O-Lantern Clays
11/07/15 Westside Houston Pope-Bentsen
11/07/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Looking for a Frost
11/07/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
11/08/15 American Houston  
11/08/15 Windwalker Midland Bustin Pumpkins
11/14/15 Greater Houston Houston  
11/15/15 San Angelo San Angelo Roasted Birds
11/15/15 Midland Shooters Midland Reaching your Peak Clays
11/15/15 1 in 100 Beaumont The Gobbler
11/21/15 Caney Creek Teague Turkey Shoot
11/22/15 Claymound Liberty Pilgrims Revenge
11/22/15 Abilene Abilene Full Bellies and Empty Guns
11/22/15 Capitol City Austin Post Nationals Throwdown
12/05/15 Pines Lufkin  
12/05/15 Lonestar Glen Rose Lone Star Christmas
12/05/15 Greater Houston Houston  
12/05/15 Dos Amigos Abernathy NSCA Shoot
12/06/15 Gun Emporium Conroe Shop N'Shoot Clays
12/06/15 San Angelo San Angelo Whitened Clays
12/12/15 Westside Houston Toys for Tots
12/12/15 Rose City Tyler  
12/12/15 Windwalker Midland Holiday Classic
12/13/15 1 in 100 Beaumont Club Championship
12/13/15 Abilene Abilene Jingle Bells and Shotgun Shells
12/19/15 Claymound Liberty Clay Bells
12/20/15 Midland Shooters Midland Cooling Off Clays
12/27/15 American Houston  
12/27/15 Capitol City Austin Year End Finale



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